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You Can't Get There From Here

I recently created some WordPress short codes for Know Your Music, my music blog. Short codes allow you to type a sort of fake code, which WordPress will convert to the big long ugly code on the fly, automatically. It's like shorthand for computers. The process itself is fairly simple PHP coding which, as a […]

Brutally Honest

Really? Honesty can be brutal? It is my experience that those who endorse brutal honesty are hoping we'll all become just as rude as they are, so they don't stand out so much. After all, why should they have to learn manners just to fit in with all of us, what, gently honest people? Nonsense. […]

Ignore Me and Be Yourself

Never follow so many rules that your personality gets squooshed out and replaced with something that looks and tastes like instant oatmeal. Sometimes, you just break the rules because that is what will get the job done, today, right now, this moment.

Selfish Passion Unselfishly Directed

Every book and website on writing says you must write for yourself, and they're right. Every smart marketer says you must write for your readers or you'll lose them, and they're right. It's a tightrope, and you have to walk it, because they're both right.

Less Filling. More Shortening.

Strunk and White taught me to omit needless words. How about if we omit needless thoughts as well?

Take a Stand. Speak Your Piece.

Inspire passion, for or against, by saying something folks can sink their teeth into. Cause debate. Overstate your case once in a while, just to push someone into reacting. Drop the weasel words. Speak your piece. Take a stand.

Superfluous Apostrophe

The apostrophe serves a couple very specific purposes. If you look around at most marketing material, you'd assume its purpose is simply to separate the letter 's' from the rest of a word. That's, well, not even in the ballpark.

Correct Spelling is Not Optional

If you misspell words people think you're unintelligent. They will assume you are less qualified to educate or entertain them. Don't sabotage yourself. If you've got something worth writing, spell it correctly.

7 Writing Imperatives

Over the next 7 days I'm going to write a series of posts, one per day. Each will address a writing habit which causes me serious distress as a reader. I will not be delicate. Toes will be trodden.

It Means What It Means

Words mean what they mean, and somewhere in our unconscious, we believe what we're really saying, not what we think we're saying.