And How Soon Should You Reply?

Just took a little ride on a time machine.

Five minutes ago I received an email regarding Samuel Beckett's Lessness. This struck me as slightly unusual; I'm not aware of any special interest in Beckett. Sorry.

But there, below the email, was my email requesting access to some of the information.

I'd sent my request October 23rd. No, not last year, 2008.

It was, in all, a fairly trivial request, and a fairly trivial response, over mild interest in something mildly interesting.

Somewhere, the space/time continuum is offended at all this triviality occupying one year, six months, one week, and five days of the ether.

Simple queries should get a prompt response, or the response will be valueless.

The opposite, however, is not necessarily true.

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  1. caitlyn wrote:

    I feel compelled to reply promptly ... you can interpret that as you will. ;-)

    As always, love how you say what you don't mean but really do.

    Posted 06 May 2010 at 5:46 pm

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